Root Canals and Tooth Infection

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Root Canals and Tooth Infection

If you have gotten a tooth infection following a root canal procedure, you may be feeling worried. You might have heard that these infections can be serious. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible to get the infection taken care of right away. In the meantime, here is what you should know about root canal and infections.

Can a Root Canal Cause Another Illness?

A common question that seems to be circulating on the internet now concerns whether root canal therapy can actually cause other medical problems and issues. If you go to the American Academy of Endodontists’ website, you can read a published a paper that includes hundreds of references, none of which support the truth of any such claims. Dental infections in itself is really a localized infection which, if not treated, could become a systemic problem. Because the materials we use in delivering our treatments are inert, the focal infection theory isn’t cause for concern.

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Can Tooth Infections Spread?

One big question that comes up, especially online and with different holistic centers, concerns the focal infection theory which contemplates whether a tooth infection can cause infection in the whole body. It’s true that systems throughout our entire body are connected, and that dental, oral, and periodontal infections can affect other aspects of the body, including heart conditions and diabetes. Normally, if a dental infection is really just coming from a tooth, it is a localized infection. However, if left untreated, it can spread and become a more generalized infection. You certainly want such infections to be treated, and it’s an even better reason not to postpone any treatment that can help save your teeth and improve their health.

Will Antibiotics Take Care of the Tooth Infection?

Patients frequently come into our office for an appointment scheduled a few weeks earlier when they were given antibiotics by their dentist. When they present at our office, they’re no longer in pain, so they question us as to why they have to be here and ask if there is still a problem because the antibiotics seem to have fixed it. The problem with dental infections is that the infection itself is really inside of the tooth. That means, in order to solve the problem, we have to actually go inside the tooth and fix it. Antibiotics really only mask the symptoms. If you don’t take care of it, the problem usually comes back even worse than it was the first time you experienced it.

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