Root Canal Preparations

Root Canal Preparations WNY Experienced Root Canal Specialists

Root Canal Preparations

If you are scheduled to get a root canal done, you may be wondering what you should do before you head into the office to get the procedure done. Here are a few root canal preparations guidelines.

Root Canal Preparations: Ensure Your Insurance Covers the Procedure

A lot of patients will ask about coverage through their dental insurance, and we participate in several major dental insurance plans. Most dental insurances will cover at least a portion of the dental procedure, and some even cover 100%. The extent of that coverage is based on your employer and your specific plan, but our office staff will work with you and submit all the paperwork for you. We can even give you a pre-estimate so you can have a clear picture of your potential out-of-pocket cost.

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Root Canal Preparations: Get Familiar with the Procedure

Once you’re here to have root canal therapy, you might be concerned that the procedure will be painful. You might wonder if you should be sedated, or if this is something that you don’t want to remember. The procedure itself will be painless. It should be boring. In 15 years of practice, I’ve never sedated anyone. I’ve never felt the need to sedate anyone. In addition to the cost, the downsides of being sedated include having to make sure you have a driver. Also, you’ll have to take the whole day off from work, and someone will have to take you home and watch you after the fact. If you come in and are comfortable with us, you’ll pick whatever type of music you’d like to hear in your operatory. We make the experience comfortable and pleasant so that, once you leave, the anesthesia goes away and you can go about your normal life.

Root Canal Preparations: Know the Root Canal Aftercare

A lot of patients are referred to us by their dentists. The dentist will usually recommend some type of restorative treatment after we complete our root canal. If the tooth in question is a big molar in the back with large metal or tooth-colored fillings that we have to remove or there’s a large amount of decay, the most frequent recommendation is to cover the whole tooth with something that will protect it, such as a crown or cap. For front teeth, depending on the specific situation, we may be able to provide a treatment that eliminates the need for major restorative work after the root canal.

If you want to know more about root canal preparations, please give our Buffalo endodontist office a call!

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