Root Canal Financial Concerns

Root Canal Financial Concerns

Root Canal Financial Concerns

If you have root canal financial concerns, you may be wondering if it is worth getting the treatment. At Precision Endodontics, we can help you sort out these worries and get you in for a painless and comfortable root canal treatment.

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Root Canal Financial Concerns | Cost of a Root Canal

One of the biggest concerns patients have – besides the pain of the actual root canal procedure itself – is the cost. When considering the cost of a root canal, it’s really tough to give exact fees up front. First, we need to make a diagnosis and determine which tooth is affected – whether it’s an anterior or a posterior tooth. We also consider whether your tooth has had a previous root canal. Are we redoing something, or are we performing a surgery? Fees fluctuate based on a range and depend on the specifics of your case. Normally, however, the cost of replacing your tooth would be greater than the cost of helping you save it.

Root Canal Financial Concerns | Covered by Insurance

A lot of patients will ask about coverage through their dental insurance, and we participate in several major dental insurance plans. Most dental insurances will cover at least a portion of the dental procedure, and some even cover 100%. The extent of that coverage is based on your employer and your specific plan, but our office staff will work with you and submit all the paperwork for you. We can even give you a pre-estimate so you can have a clear picture of your potential out-of-pocket cost.

Root Canal Financial Concerns | Cost for Endodontics

Cost is another issue, as is whether to save a tooth or take it out. Generally, the cost of retaining and saving your tooth is less than the cost of extracting and replacing it with an implant or bridge. If we can help you in any matter, please let us know. You can contact us through our website, or give us a call for a consultation at Precision Endodontics.

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