Nervous for a Root Canal

Nervous for a Root Canal

Nervous for a Root Canal

Are you nervous for a root canal? Sometimes being able to know more about your treatment will make you feel better.

Nervous for a Root Canal | Does a Root Canal Hurt?

The first thought most people have when they hear the words, “root canal” is, “Oh, my God. It must hurt.” They may have heard some horror story from a friend who says it hurts, but root canal treatment should be painless. The first thing we say to every patient who comes in is, “If we can tell you one thing not to worry about, it’s that this procedure should not hurt. You should be comfortable, and you should be bored while the root canal treatment is being performed.” It shouldn’t be stressful, and it shouldn’t be painful. Whenever you’re having any type of dentistry – including a root canal – be sure to raise your hand and let your dentist – or us – know if something ever bothers you.

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Nervous for a Root Canal | Can an Infected Tooth Can Cause Infection in Your Body?

One big question that comes up, especially online and with different holistic centers, concerns the focal infection theory which contemplates whether a tooth infection can cause infection in the whole body. It’s true that systems throughout our entire body are connected, and that dental, oral, and periodontal infections can affect other aspects of the body, including heart conditions and diabetes. Normally, if a dental infection is really just coming from a tooth, it is a localized infection. However, if left untreated, it can spread and become a more generalized infection. You certainly want such infections to be treated, and it’s an even better reason not to postpone any treatment that can help save your teeth and improve their health.

Nervous for a Root Canal | Can You Drive Right After a Root Canal?

Having a root canal is no different than having a filling or having your teeth cleaned if they happen to get you numb. When you leave here, you can drive yourself and go right back to work or go about all your normal daily activities.

Are you nervous for a root canal? At Precision Endodontics, we guarantee a painless and comfortable experience at our office.

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