How We Treat Oral Pain

How We Treat Oral Pain

How We Treat Oral Pain

Are you hoping to see a dentist and learn how we treat oral pain? If you’re experiencing oral pain, that’s the main issue we’ll help you deal with. Sometimes, your tooth may hurt because you have a cavity that makes it susceptible to cold, heat, or sweets. Come see us for those issues. We can help determine why it’s hurting and find a way to make the pain go away. Also, if there’s swelling, you might have an abscess, and we have ways to eliminate the infection and help you return to a nice, pain-free quality of life.

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How We Treat Oral Pain | Pain After a Root Canal Treatment

Pain is the primary concern any time you hear the words, root canal. In fact, however, when you do have the treatment, we expect you to have zero pain. Following the treatment, you’ll be numb for a few hours. You can go right back to work, play sports, or do whatever your normal life would have included that day. Once the anesthesia wears off, you can normally expect a dull achiness, and even a mild throbbing would be the extent of your discomfort. Most teeth will be slightly tender as you chew; however, most of them are slightly tender when you come in, and that will continue for a little while. We usually recommend taking over-the-counter ibuprofen if you’re medically able to do that. That usually takes care of everything.

How We Treat Oral Pain | Root Canal Symptoms to Look For

How can you know if you have a root canal problem? You may find that the pressure of chewing your food, has started to bother you more. Cold temperatures may cause pain or, all of a sudden, the heat of your cup of coffee starts to bother your teeth. Those types of issues may indicate a root canal problem. Certainly, if you notice bumps, lumps, or swelling, you should absolutely be checked.

If you want to know more about how we treat oral pain, please give our office a call today. If you are experiencing discomfort, schedule an appointment at one of our two endodontists offices.

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