Experienced Endodontics Office

Endodontic Retreatment

Experienced Endodontics Office

Our experienced endodontics office specializes in providing you the best root canal in WNY.

At our office, we provide 100% microscopic root canal treatments and root canal surgeries. The major benefit of using a microscope is that we’re able to deliver your treatment in a much more conservative manner than we could otherwise. Using a microscope enables us to see further inside the tooth, visually diagnose cracks, and conserve a lot more of the tooth’s structure. This approach gives your dentist more tooth to work with and gets you a better long-term outcome because the tooth itself is stronger.

One big question everyone asks is, “Will the root canal hurt?” Don’t worry about that. We will take care of that aspect for you. We will make sure everything we do in our office is as comfortable for you as it can be. When you arrive, you can expect to be asked what type of music you like to listen to, and/or what type of TV stations you like. Each operatory is catered to the comfort of each patient, so the type of music you like and the type of TV station you enjoy watching will be waiting when you arrive to help take your mind off your concerns.

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Cost is another issue, as is whether to save a tooth or take it out. Generally, the cost of retaining and saving your tooth is less than the cost of extracting and replacing it with an implant or bridge. If we can help you in any matter, please let us know.

Choosing the Best Endodontics Practice

If you’re wondering how to choose the best endodontist, the first thing I would ask for is a recommendation from your general dentist. If you have confidence in your dentist, you would certainly have confidence in the specialist to whom they refer you. Also, speak with your friends and family and others who can share their personal opinions. I would also do some research on the specific doctor. Find out where they did their training and how much training they’ve had. Learn what types of technology they’re using. Make sure what they’re doing is really state-of-the-art and that they are following the standard of care in every aspect.

Conservative Endodontics

One thing really sets our practice apart is our ability to conserve tooth structure, which makes your tooth stronger and sturdier, and should give it a longer life. We do everything microscopically and use certain types of rotary files that remove less of the tooth’s internal dentin, leaving more tooth structure for your dentist to restore. This approach allows your tooth to be stronger in the long term.

If you are looking for root canal specialists, please call our Buffalo office today. Precision Endodontics is dedicated to serving the community of Buffalo.

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