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What is an Endodontist?

What is an Endodontist Root Canal Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Despite the common misconception that dentistry is a singular discipline, the field is in fact quite expansive, and graduates from dental school can pursue careers in a number of specialties. Our office specializes in the field of endodontics. What is an endodontist? Watch the videos below by experienced Buffalo endodontist Dr. Aaron McCann to learn […]

Cracked Teeth Solutions

Cracked Teeth

Cracked Teeth Solutions Do you have cracked teeth? Maybe you’re experiencing a lot of pain and are unsure if cracked teeth are the culprit. This blog by experienced Buffalo endodontist Dr. Aaron McCann will help you better understand the causes, symptoms and potential remedies available for cracked teeth. If you or someone you love is […]

Dislodged Teeth

Dislodged Teeth Emergency Tooth Injury Dentist in Buffalo, NY

There are several ways to get a tooth knocked out. Whether it falls out in an automobile accident or it becomes knocked out of place due to a wayward baseball, dislodged teeth are a medical issue that requires urgent attention from a dental care professional. With every second that passes, the chance that your tooth […]

Abscessed Tooth & Your Overall Health

How an Abscessed Tooth can Damage Your Health

Abscessed Tooth & Your Overall Health Despite marketing campaigns and seminars in schools, the importance of maintaining oral and dental health has not quite caught on universally. Some people may downplay their critical need to consistently brush and floss their teeth, and when this happens, they open themselves to the increased possibility of developing tooth […]

Root Canal Success Rates

Root Canal Sedatives | Buffalo Endodontics | Pain-Free Root Canals

Root Canal Success Rates Root canal treatments are specifically designed to restore teeth after a crack or a chip has made them vulnerable to infection. When an orthodontist enters an infected tooth, he or she can delve into the tooth’s root, knock out the infection, fill in the space that was created during the procedure, […]

What Happens to an Untreated Root Canal?

What Happens to an Untreated Root Canal? | Precision Endodontics, PC

Sometimes, oral infections happen to the best of us. Don’t be ashamed, as many times these infections are out of your hands. Yes, they may have been caused by hygiene issues, but another likely cause is you’re susceptible to bad oral bacteria. Regardless of the reason that you’ve developed an infection, decayed tooth, or general […]

How to Prepare for a Root Canal

How to Prepare for a Root Canal | Precision Endodontics | RootCanal Prep

If you’ve ever experienced pain from decaying teeth, you may be familiar with a root canal, but may not know how to prepare for a root canal. Tooth decay can occur for a number of reasons including poor dental hygiene, poor diet, and medical issues. Rather than having to endure a painful tooth extraction, a […]

Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection | Precision Endodontics, PC | Buffalo Endodontist

Do you have frequent tooth throbbing or soreness? Have you noticed any unusual tooth pain, sensitivity, or sharp pains in your teeth, even if only slightly? If so, these may be the first signs of a tooth infection. These can occur in anyone, especially if poor dental hygiene measures are in place. Understanding how to […]

Saving Your Natural Tooth

Saving Your Natural Tooth | Precision Endodontics, PC | Buffalo

When someone discusses their first impression of someone, one of the most common qualities mentioned is the smile. Your smile shows how happy, open, and willing you are to your surroundings. If your smile isn’t your natural one, it can not only look and feel different, but it can create problems for you in the […]

Safety of Root Canals

Safety of Root Canals | Precision Endodontics, PC | Buffalo Endodontist

When performing normal daily activities, do you sometimes feel pain in parts of your teeth? Is this discomfort more severe with temperature? Can you barely tolerate the feeling anymore? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you may need a root canal. Root canals are painless and safe procedures that effectively remove the sensory […]