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Dental Avulsion Explained

Dental Avulsion Explained | Buffalo Root Canal Dentist | Endodontist

Different types of trauma can occur to different parts of the body and different people depending on the type of injury they sustained. One common form of trauma is known as a dental avulsion and is a relatively unfamiliar term across the general population. Dental avulsion is defined as the complete displacement of the tooth, […]

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment | Enhanced Dental Technology

How Enhanced Dental Technology Helped Make Root Canals Pain-Free Have you been experiencing a lot of pain in one or more of your teeth that cause you discomfort throughout your day? Is this pain increasingly getting worse, or is the pain so severe it is preventing you from completing daily tasks such as eating? If […]

Vital Pulp Therapy

Vital Pulp Therapy Apexification Buffalo Endodontist Root Canal Dentist

Vital Pulp Therapy Technology has greatly improved over time thanks to increasing knowledge and understanding of medical procedures. This does not solely relate to the body, but the mouth too. Because of this, new ideas and concepts have been created relating to dental health and maintaining strength for longer. One example of such technologies is […]

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits

Coco - Dental Therapy Dog Benefits | Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits Anxiety and fear are very common experiences and feelings in the human psyche. These feelings come from our natural born and intrinsic instincts imposed upon us to warn and protect us from potentially dangerous effects. Our fears and anxieties may kick in during non-life-threatening situations too, though. Statistically, at least 35 […]

Benefits of Dental Microscopes

Benefits of Dental Microscopes Buffalo Root Canal Specialist

Benefits of Dental Microscopes for Precision Treatment From serious root canals to simple fillings, few people look forward to any type of dental work; however, knowing that your dentist can properly see what he or she is doing certainly makes the event more pleasant!  Thanks to the use of dental microscopes, it is now easier […]

Tooth Infection Considerations

Buffalo Root Canal Specialist | Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Infection Considerations If your tooth is infected or has an abscess, you may be feeling worried and want to get to a dentist as soon as possible. Here are some tooth infection considerations for you in the meantime. Tooth Infection Considerations: How Your Tooth Got Infected Maybe you’re wondering why your tooth got infected […]

Injured Tooth Issues

Injured Tooth Issues Buffalo Root Canal Specialists

Injured Tooth Issues When you experience oral discomfort, you may be wondering if you have an injured tooth. Whether you can see a crack, a cavity, or nothing at all. Seeing an experienced dentist can be your ticket to returning to a pain-free healthy life. Injured Tooth Issues | Cracking or Fracturing a Tooth All […]

Treating Cracked Teeth

Treating Cracked Teeth Buffalo Root Canal Dentist

Not every dental issue is caused by bacteria, diet, or trauma. Even the most diligent brushers and flossers can damage their teeth through poor habits—habits in which they do not realize they engage. Endodontic treatment may be necessary when teeth become worn down. Be sure to watch the video below about treating cracked teeth to […]

Dislodged Teeth

Dislodged Teeth Emergency Tooth Injury Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Whether it falls out in an automobile accident or it becomes knocked out of place due to a wayward baseball, dislodged teeth is a medical issue that requires urgent attention from a dental care professional. With every second that passes, the chance that your tooth can be permanently restored to its original place in your […]

Root Canal Sinus Problems

Root Canal Sinus Problems Endodontist in Buffalo, NY

Root canal treatments are always necessary to treat teeth that have been damaged all the way to their bases, but the presence of an infected or inflamed tooth does not mean that a person is immune to all other diseases at the same time. Our practice receives many calls from patients who have caught a […]