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Therapy Dog Benefits

Therapy Dog Benefits | Precision Endodontics, PC | Dental Anxiety | Coco

Dental Anxiety   Have you ever felt anxious knowing you needed to go to the dentist? Here at Precision Endodontics we understand your concern. Not everyone feels comfortable at a dentist office and that is why we want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.  Coco, who is also known as the director of clinical […]

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits

Coco - Dental Therapy Dog Benefits | Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits Anxiety and fear are very common experiences and feelings in the human psyche. These feelings come from our natural born and intrinsic instincts imposed upon us to warn and protect us from potentially dangerous effects. Our fears and anxieties may kick in during non-life-threatening situations too, though. Statistically, at least 35 […]