Buffalo Medical Imaging

Buffalo Medical Imaging

Buffalo Medical Imaging

Are you looking for an office that provides Buffalo medical imaging? At Precision Endodontics, you will find what you need.

Buffalo Medical Imaging | Better Medical Imaging Means Better Results

Effective diagnosis is a key to effective treatment. Standard diagnostic devices, like X-rays and digital X-rays, only tell part of the story. In years past, that meant additional exploratory procedures on top of corrective ones. With cutting-edge Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanners, dentists and endodontists can use 3D images to plan corrective procedures more effectively.

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Buffalo Medical Imaging | Medical Imaging Technology

CBCT technology is truly cutting edge.  In addition to bone and hard dental structures, these devices image nerve pathways, soft tissues, and other areas in a single pass.

Compared to conventional CT scans, which rely on high-output X-ray tubes, CBCT scans use much less radiation while performing essentially the same task. A cone-shaped X-ray beam quickly moves around the patient, generating multiple views (images) that offer sharp insight into the issues to be addressed and the best possible corrective action. There is no image overlap and the views are transmitted directly onto a solid-state sensor.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans are most commonly performed prior to:

  • Placing dental implants
  • Working on impacted teeth
  • Apexogenesis
  • Endodontic procedures

Buffalo Medical Imaging | CBCT Benefits

The sharp images are the biggest advantage. For now, CBCT 3D images are the closest things to a 3D print. These precise imaging saves time during the actual procedure, often resulting in both a better result.

Also, a CBCT scan is completely non-invasive and performed in the open.  Furthermore, once the procedure is over, no radiation lingers inside the patient’s body.

Buffalo Medical Imaging | Count on Experienced Professionals

At Precision Endodontics, P.C., we invest in the latest technology to bring better solutions to our patients. Contact our Buffalo Dental Office to schedule an appointment.

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