Root canal treatments are essential for correcting major dental problems, but the procedures are delicate and must be carefully performed in order to avoid complications. To ensure that every root canal treatment is successful, a dental microscope is used to identify the complicated root structure of each affected tooth. In the video below, root canal specialist Dr. Aaron McCann outlines why we use a dental microscope in our office and how they are useful in allowing endodontists to provide effective root canal treatments.

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Why We Use A Dental Microscope

The dental microscope enables us to obtain much higher definition and utilize better lighting, which significantly enhance our ability to see in detail. We can see internal cracks, accessory canals, and other areas that are invisible without the use of the microscope. Enhanced visibility enables us to increase the success rate of every procedure. Our microscopes have still and video cameras, allowing us to show our patients real-time images on the TV beside the patient chair. We can email images to our patients’ dentists as needed, discuss our patients’ cases while they are still in our office, and agree on their best options.

Do you have questions as to why we use a dental microscope at Precision Endodontics and what that means for you as a patient? Contact us today to learn how our dental technology allows for faster, more precise, and less invasive procedures.

At Precision Endodontics, we believe that all dental treatment should be painless and comfortable. We expect that your entire experience from the time you choose to make us a part of your dental team until the completion of your treatment will be smooth, painless and precise.

Still have questions? Read our comprehensive guide to treating Root Canals to learn more about what to expect when receiving root canal therapy.

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